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gifting life's precious moments since 2010
gifting life's precious moments since 2010

Handmade Friendship Heart Token Card

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Fabricated from pewter into a cute little heart shape, this token and attached greeting card would be a perfect item to give a friend in lieu of a more traditional card, coming with it as it does a physical reminder of the love shared in a friendship, that can now be carried everywhere they go.

The greeting card carries the words "friendship is another word for love", a simple yet beautiful sentiment appropriate for any occasion, especially an impromptu gesture -- one of the many hallmarks of a truly enduring bond. Small enough to be secreted in a purse or wallet and carried everywhere, the token becomes the physical manifestation of the card's writing and will remind the owner they are always loved.

Item Description:

  • A6 greeting card made from recycled card
  • Pewter token
  • Approximately 1cm x 2cm x 0.3cm

Why pick me?

Handmade heart shaped pewter token and greeting card, a perfect reminder of the love shared in a cherished friendship.

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