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gifting life's precious moments since 2010
gifting life's precious moments since 2010

Handmade Good Luck Horse Shoe Token Card

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Handmade from pewter this lucky horseshoe token and card would be an ideal thing to give someone to bring a little added luck to their life. Traditionally the horseshoe was also thought to ward off evil, meaning that not only would carrying this charm bring fortune to that person, but also would ward off any negative forces that may befall them.

This token comes affixed to an A6 card, made from recycled card stock, that tells the recipient "no matter where you go no matter what you do may the best of luck always be with you". A message not tied to any specific occasion but one that would be perfect for someone undertaking new employment, adventure or beginning any new phase in life.

Item Description:

  • A6 greeting card made from recycled card
  • Pewter token
  • Approximately 2.1cm x 2.3cm x 0.3cm

Why pick me?

Handmade pewter horse shoe token and greeting card, a perfect option to gift someone some good fortune!

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